Public nudity – called pride marches is this where we want our country to go?
Yesterday some of Australia’s largest corporate giants unveiled their latest advertising campaign for same-sex marriage. That want to push immoral homosexual sodomy marriage onto all Australians.
According to the Sydney Morning Herald this new ad campaign is worth over $5 million, including in-kind donations.
The ad campaign will be inescapable.  Their slogans will be printed on every Qantas boarding pass and other commercial paraphernalia.
Paul, while big business is doubling down on same-sex marriage, you and I both know what a change to our marriage laws would mean for our society.
The consequences of change are significant and they will be felt by every Australian.
It will become even harder for parents to say ‘no’ to gender-bending programs like the so-called “Safe Schools” program.
The bullying and intimidation suffered by Coopers Brewery and the Bible Society will only get worse.
So I’m asking for your help today to make sure we can counter this push from corporate Australia.
You gift will enable our team to continue working with the government to secure a people’s vote on marriage, and to equip and train our volunteers across Australia to continue to speak to everyday Australians about the consequences of change.
Thank you for all that you are doing.
God bless

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