truth of gender is that it is determined by biology, not feelings, emotions or
politics. Nobody can change their gender. Individuals have the right to live
their private life as they wish, but they do not have the right to force their
views on the nation via laws and regulations, nor do they have the right to
characterize as discrimination or bigotry the views of people who will not
agree that gender is based on something like politics, emotions or desires.
key point of our #FreeSpeechBus tour is to demand that respect be shown to all
sides so that a civic debate can be had. We want Americans to learn about the
scientific truth of gender – that there is no scientific evidence that anybody
can be ‘trapped in the wrong body’ and that as many as 98% of kids who suffer
from gender confusion will outgrow it and come to accept their true gender by
the time they complete puberty. But our opponents do not want to discuss the
facts – they want to characterize the facts as “hate speech” that
should not qualify for protection under the First Amendment.


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