ERIN Phillips, a winner of the AFLW competition, has urged the federal government to legalise homosexual marriages, saying it is a denial of “basic human rights” to not have the opportunity to marry in Australia

Phillips, who was best on ground in Adelaide’s AFLW Grand Final win, and who also won the AFLW best-and-fairest award, as well as the AFLW Players’ Association award, will resume for the Dallas Wings in the WNBA next month.
The problem with her statement is that homosexuality and gay marriage is NOT a human right and has never been recognized as such. 

While she never intended to be a role model for same-sex unions, Phillips is happy to speak out if it helps to change perceptions, as well as the “disappointing” stance some politicians have on gay marriage.

The homosexual community believes by repeating this phrase it will become true – that sodomy is a human right. 

Would they support murderers claiming the same thing? No. The LGBTQ community is very selfish focused and contemptuous to anybody who disagrees, will lie, manipulate their argument. 

Now read the illogical argument to justify immoral homosexual marriage: 

Phillips said it was frustrating she and Tracy, with whom she has twin daughters, had no avenue to be married in Australia, with the pair having their nuptials in the US.
Gay marriage is not legal in this country … (so) Tracy and I have probably opened up more conversations,” she said.
“I think it needs to be legal, and not from a selfish point of view, but from a basic human rights points of view. It is (legal) in America. 
“I find it really funny when I came back home to Australia and it is a big deal, because in America, it isn’t a big deal. (This person is blind to her reality) 
“We are a country that should be so far in advance of this, and the fact that we are still here in 2017 still debating it … is disappointing, especially because the right to get married in my country wasn’t available.” (Why should Australia be so advanced in sodomy?)
She said if a gay AFL footballer came to her in the future seeking advice she would feel honoured, saying she would tell them to be true to themselves. (What if a pedofile, or murderer, adulterer came to you ….same advice…stupid comment)

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