Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, visits and supports immoral homosexual marriage while the majority of his party and Liberal party voters do not. He promised a vote for immoral homosexuality in the last election. 

Same-sex marriage advocates are bullying people into accepting a legislative change, despite a majority of Australians being against it, Sydney’s Anglican Archbishop Glen Davies says.

Archbishop Davies said people who support marriage between a man and a woman are being shut out of the debate and coerced into silence.

“People have been sold a lie, their views are shutdown, marginalised, ostracised and pilloried in a bullying fashion,” he said.

The Archbishop said he believed a national vote would reveal most Australians were against gay marriage. “A plebiscite would identify there isn’t strong support for same-sex marriage as the proponents wish us to believe,” he said.

“It’s a monochrome view in the minority and it’s certainly not the view of the Australian Parliament.”

He said there would be widespread societal consequences particularly for children of same-sex parents if same-sex marriage was legalised.

The Archbishop also criticised big businesses that have recently added their support to the campaign for that change.

“I can’t see why same-sex marriage has anything to do with business for Pricewaterhouse or IBM or Google — why don’t they start talking about immigration, Aboriginal detention,” he questioned.

“They have been misled and bullied into taking a stance on the grounds of diversity.”

The Equality Campaign, an advocacy group for homosexual marriage, said the Archbishop’s was lying.

Homosexual advocacy ‘paid polls’ show 60% then 54% perhaps favor homosexual marriage – Equality Campaign’s director Tiernan Brady said.

Brady ignores the pastors comments about various homosexual extremist organizations or individuals bullying and intimidating people. He simply ignores the intimidation tactics being used. 

Yet the utter hypocrisy of these groups – they intimidate politicians to scrap a promised vote by all Australians because….wait for it…homosexual might be bullied at the voting poles ….which I doubt. They could use postal votes.

It is the right of all Australians to vote NO to change the normal historic, biological base of normal marriage to include to homosexuals

Brady then says: “Equality is not interfering with any religious sacrament, it’s about allowing all our brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors to have the same rights.”  

Brady needs a lesson in theology. Homosexuality and homosexual marriage are deemed sinful, and offence against God. God designed marriage not government or parliament or people …God. 

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