Magnum (ice cream)
Magnum (ice cream) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An ad for Magnum ice cream has been cleared by the Advertising Standards Board after a complaint was received claiming it promoted ‘lesbianism during family time’.

The ad is part of Unilever‘s ‘Pleasure is Diverse’ campaign and shows a woman preparing for her immoral lesbian wedding day, before walking down the aisle to meet her wife-to-be. Homosexual marriage is illegal in Australia hence this advertisement by an ice cream company is political in nature seeking to influence by association. The ceremony is fake and therefore has a political agenda. 

Will Unilever promote charities, Save the Children, Raise funds for the disabled? No…because more than likely there is a homosexual agenda from homosexual staff who wish to abuse their commercial position by forcing this solo single immoral issue down the throats of children and adults.

In the video, the two women meet each other at a secular type altar and hold hands while they wed with a secular celebrant who is invisible. They then share an kiss as the LGBTQ crowd applauds, before leaving for the reception where they share a Magnum together. Unbelievable!

A legitimate complaint to Unilever about the ad said: ‘Promotion of lesbianism during family viewing time. I know this will not be taken seriously as ramming this down our throats now happens daily.’ Unilever rejected the complaint, by saying the ad fell within community standards ‘which treat gender and sexual preference fairly, impartially and tolerantly’. 

Obviously whoever has created these community standards is only listening to a few people – who live in Sydney!

Now read the crazy Unilever justification of why they permitted immoral lesbianism during prime time to the ASB.

‘Consumers viewing the advertisement are not being prejudiced or treated or portrayed unjustly or unfairly by the imagery in the wedding scene,’ Unilever told the ASB. ‘The advertisement, in particular the wedding and kissing scene, is not portrayed in a humorous over-the-top way, it was filmed in a cinematic way and shows a serious depiction of a wedding ceremony.’ 

Well it can’t be serious prediction of a wedding because it is illegal in Australia.  When you go to Magnum Facebook site their intention is very obvious they are promoting homosexuality but avoid the debate entirely by hiding behind ‘homosexual pleasure.’

The ASB considered the complaint, however ruled that the ad was not in breach of any code. What?

‘The Board noted that the advertisement depicts a same sex marriage which is not currently legal in Australia, but considered that it is not the board’s role to say whether a particular issue or scenario can or should be depicted in an advertisement,’ the ASB said.

Issues of sex, sexuality and nudity were treated with sensitivity to the audience, the ASB said.

Unbelievable the ASB should be sacked as 50% of Australians would find this advertisement immoral offensive and inappropriate sexual behaviour.

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