Jay Horne, who’s the co-owner of the Paradiso Cafe in Cairns, Australia heard many former “regulars” of his cafe say they would not come back because he and his staff are homosexual. These customers did not express any anger or hatred. They simply disagree with homosexuality, same-sex sin and the concept of homosexual marriage. They most likely have well defined historical morals values.

Jay Horne chose to address his former customers via a Facebook post, by diminishing their objections to homosexuality and inferring his customers were total idiots. 

“Do you think you are going to turn gay (if you’re not already) if you eat and drink at a gay owned and operated cafe?”

“I’m finding it very difficult to comprehend,” Horne told Tropic Now. The problem Jay has displays again the ignorance of homosexuals regarding the historical prohibitions and biblical statements on the sin of homosexuality.  Jay needs to be reminded that homosexuality was previously a capital offence. In Queensland, Australia the law stated you could be arrested for public homosexual acts. It was a homosexual teacher and other homosexual activists including a South Australian homosexual premier, that got the laws changed often with the support of Labor

Just because Labor and homosexual activists have changed various laws it means anything. God’s law still states that homosexuality in all of its forms are sinful. The views of millions of Australians have not and will not change.  

For many in the population – homosexuality will always be seen as an abhorrent sin, against biology, against bodily physical design, relationship infertile,  and a great sin against God.  

Anybody with any common sense sees through the gay lust charade, the deception that covers the minds of homosexuals -the fact that gay sex involves anal penetration speaks volumes. Science is clear regarding the purpose of the anal passage to deliver waste. Science is clear regarding the purpose sperm and ovum. Somehow biological science is  ignored by gays but supported when their interal surveys come out promoting their lifestyle.

To then say – “you will not turn homosexual if you eat my food” – is belittling God, people’s intelligence, common history and common sense, it shows the heart of many homosexuals – they simply mock, bully and abuse ….anybody who disagrees with them.

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