Alan Joyce, the chief executive officer of Qantas Airways Ltd., defended his support for marriage equality in Australia, rejecting criticism from a government minister who said CEOs shouldn’t use their position to campaign on social issues. But the truth is he really is only promoting one issue as it relates to himself – same-sex sin.

“There is an economic argument for marriage equality, backed by research,” Joyce said in an opinion piece published on the carrier’s website on Tuesday. “In short, more open societies attract better talent.”

Joyce provides no support or research to back up such a claim. There is historical evidence of the destructive nature of homosexuality which we are also seeing now in countries where gay zealots have used the courts to approve same-sex sin against the will of the people.

Turnbull sought to let the electorate decide the issue last year with a public vote. The main opposition Labor Party blocked the so-called plebiscite, saying it would be divisive and lead to persecution of gay people. Even though a study out of the National University of Canberra said the exact opposite. Labor is instead pressing the government to put the matter straight to parliament.

“Qantas’ identity is the spirit of Australia, and one of the most fundamental values in this country is the notion of a fair go,” said Joyce, who has publicly said he is gay. “That’s why Qantas speaks up on gender equality”. 

No Joyce, this is purely self-serving. Have you asked all your customers, workers, pilots, service people? No of course not – this is Joyce promoting his homosexuality at the expense of the rest of Australia, many of whom disagree. 

Joyce should resign from QANTAS and go work for Marriage Equality.

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