Immigration minister Peter Dutton responded last Thursday after hearing that a group of CEOs had written a letter to the prime minister asking for action on marriage equality that people were getting sick of the “politically correct nonsense” from corporate Australia.

“If they want to run for politics, well resign from their position, stick their hand up at the next election, but don’t jam your politically correct views down our throats,” he said.

Publicly listed companies stick to delivering the services for their customers and providing a return for their shareholders,” Dutton said. 

Instead there is poor public service, billion dollar CEO wages and these CEO’s are seeking to use their positions (otherwise they would be completely unknowns) to promote immoral same sex sin.

BELOW ARE THE LIST OF CEO’S ABUSING THEIR POSITIONS TO PROMOTE SAME SEX SIN – is it time to stop doing business with them?

With no regard to their customers, no regard to their staff many of whom uphold traditional marriage, these CEO’s are just bullies.

MYOB head Tim Reed

MYOB head Tim Reed, a signatory to the letter, told BuzzFeed News that Dutton's knitting comment was "outdated" in modern business.

Foxtel CEO Peter Tonagh 

A spokesperson for fellow signatory and Foxtel CEO Peter Tonagh told BuzzFeed News Dutton was "entitled to his views"... as were CEOs.
“Mr Tonagh said, “Aside from the simple moral principle that people should be treated equally, Foxtel believes that an open and inclusive society is more likely to be successful, including economically, and this is good for business. We also believe that a company that promotes diversity in its workforce is more likely to attract and retain talented employees.”  (But not if they disageree with the same sex sin culture)
Does Tonagh moral principle apply to murders, rapists? 
Qantas engages only very publicly on same-sex sin because its CEO is openly homosexual. 
 Telstra CEO Andy Penn 
Telstra CEO Andy Penn told BuzzFeed News he stood by the letter, but had nothing to add regarding Dutton's comments.
Dan Himbrechts / AAPIMAGE

Michael Ebeid, CEO and managing director of SBS

Lukas Coch / AAPIMAGE
Commonwealth Bank CEO Ian Narev 
A spokesperson for the Commonwealth Bank said its CEO Ian Narev signed the letter "in his personal capacity", however the bank still backed marriage equality.
Dean Lewins / AAPIMAGE

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